Our Process

To fully understand your goals and aspirations and to ensure we implement the most appropriate solutions we have developed a process that is comprehensive in its approach, yet simple to follow.

Stage 1 – Getting to know you

1. Our first meeting

Your first meeting with us is designed to introduce you to Interwest and to determine how you can benefit from our services. It is important to us that you feel comfortable working with your financial planner and you have a good understanding of the services and offerings we provide.

Before commencing any work we will forward to you any costs associated with your advice.

2. Understanding your situation

Before providing advice, it is important that we understand your situation. We ask a range of questions to understand your personal objectives and help you to determine your attitude towards investment risk.

3. Understanding your needs and aspirations

We help you identify your goals and lifestyle aspirations. As people’s dreams vary greatly, we take the time to understand yours, so that we can provide relevant and meaningful solutions.

Stage 2 - The Advice

4. Developing your plan

We use our technical experience and strategic knowledge to prepare your financial plan. Our advice is developed to fit with your own approach to investing and your unique goals.

Your financial planner and the Interwest team work together to provide you with appropriate outcomes.

Each team member has appropriate qualifications and maintains ongoing studies in relevant disciplines to continually strengthen their advice capabilities.

Stage 3 – Starting your new financial life

5. Plan presentation

We go through your financial plan with you and discuss our recommendations in an easy to understand way. We believe it’s important to do this face-to-face to ensure that you understand, and are comfortable with, the recommendations. We can then modify and refine the plan, if necessary, before commencing with implementation.

6. Implementing your recommendations

Before commencing your new financial path, we clearly communicate any costs to implement the recommendations.

Once agreed, the strategies will be implemented. Our client service representatives will assist with any paperwork and manage the process to ensure timelines are met. They work together with your financial planner to make your life easier and are available throughout the process to assist with any queries.

Stage 4 – Your future

7. Ongoing service

We believe it’s important to review your plan periodically to ensure that it remains relevant over the long term and continues to fulfill your financial objectives. At your plan presentation we will discuss suitable ongoing review service options for your situation.

Together with reviewing your plan, we also provide timely information on topics that may affect your financial situation.